Piqued Pilgrim is an ideology.

We are asking a question: What happens if we give our curiosity the reins of our life?

Here, we document the stories from this pilgrimage of curiosity that we are embarking on. We believe that this world is full of beautiful possibilities as long as we have a open heart. The stories here are of slow meaningful travel, inspiring people we meet, reflections on life and intense learning projects.

We hope to experience different corners of this world through immersive learning experiences of the local art forms, culinary styles, or traditional practices – like learning Kalaripayattu from Kerala, taking a baking course in France, and exploring Afro-dance forms in Africa.

Much like a river meanders through various terrains on its way to the ocean, we, as curious souls, are committed to living a life dictated by curiosity and the pursuit of opportunities.

The Pilgrims

Nivetha Kannan

A curious soul who went from not having any questions to ask in a classroom to having too many questions about the world around her. She loves life, seeks to understand people, places and passions, and is always ready for something new!

Currently –
Learning: Dance, a life long passion (follow that journey here)

Sundaram Venkateshwaran

A humble learner and an honest admirer of all things good. He is passionate about acquiring physical skills and is a good sport on the field and in life. Just like him, his stories are written right from his soul without much filters.

Currently –
Learning: Calisthenics and Parkour